Guidelines and Policies of CWDA

Please read the following information carefully.

Fees - All fees are payable even when students are absent. This includes if they are sick, on holidays or simply unable to attend. Fees are to be paid weekly, monthly or by the term. If paying monthly or by term it is to be at the beginning of that period - the first week of the month or term.
Please pay all fees in a clearly marked envelope, including your child’s name, classes being paid for, and the date/s you paid. Please include correct change in your fee envelope, as teachers do not carry change. Any overpayment will be credited to your child’s next class.
Any payments made by direct deposit must also be accompanied by an email stating how much money was paid and for which dates you are paying. Please don’t forget your child’s name and date fees are paid to as reference.
All fees are non refundable and non transferable once paid. Any fees outstanding by more than 2 weeks will incur a 10% surcharge. Failure to pay fees in arrears by more than 6 weeks will result in students being excluded from classes and/or private lessons. If there are any problems with fee payment, please see Cheryl for an alternative payment schedule. (Please note: students will not be able to perform in the concert unless all of their fees, costume deposits and final costume payments have been paid)
Classes – Class times have been scheduled for the year, however, CWDA reserves the right to modify the timetable as required.
Uniform and grooming – Students must be neatly attired and in the studio uniform (please no jewellery) at all times for the appropriate class. Parents are responsible for purchasing the correct dance wear and dance shoes for each class. Student’s hair is to be in a bun (for ballet) or in a neat pony tail (jazz, tap). Students who attend class dressed in the incorrect attire and without hair neatly done will be restricted from attending the class.
Private Lessons – All private lessons MUST be paid to the teacher in an envelope with the students name, time, date and teacher written on the front before commencing the class. If you miss a private lesson and do not give more than 24 hours notice without rescheduling, payment for missed lesson MUST be made.
Concert & Concert Costumes – Our end of year concert is held at the Art Dance Centre in Term 4. Every student participating in the end of year concert will be required to purchase a costume for every class/routine. All students are required to pay a $40 costume deposit per class/dance in Term 3. Costume deposits are a commitment to the concert performance and no refunds will be given once deposit has been paid. We also run a chocolate fundraiser to help offset the cost of costumes and purchase trophies for every child at the concert award presentation. More details will be given throughout the year.
Students Behaviour – Students are to be on their best behaviour at all times whilst on the premises and must not disturb any classes. Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour and safety whilst at the studio and not in class. The safety of every student is paramount.
Parents – Parents are asked not to disturb classes while in progress. If you need to contact us, please call us, send an email or wait until the end of class.
Punctuality – Parents are responsible for ensuring students arrive and are collected on time. Teachers are not always available to supervise late pickups so if you are running late, please contact us. Continual lateness is disruptive to the class so we would appreciate your cooperation.
Communication – Newsletters will be available on our website to keep you updated with any events happening within the studio. A lot of time and effort goes into the newsletters so please ensure you read them. We also display our newsletters and other important information on our noticeboard, and upload them to our Facebook page. It is important that all parents and students are well informed about any upcoming events or important news.
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Parking – There is plenty of parking at the rear of the studio. For safety reasons please do not drop off or pick up your child in the driveway. This holds up traffic trying to enter from the road and is dangerous for our students.
Photography and DVD – Photographs or video recordings may be taken in class or at performances throughout the year. By enrolling at Cheryl Warwick Dance Academy, you give permission for us to use photographs or video recordings of your children for promotional and advertising purposes ONLY.
Correction – Children may be touched for corrections during class by the teacher.